Turf Management

Maintaining the New Vacation Spot

…your home

By popular demand a maintenance program customized to your needs

Maintaining the curb-appeal of your vacation spot is a daunting task at best. At worst, it can be time-consuming and back-breaking. Few people today have the ambition or time to faithfully maintain their exterior living spaces to the standard they would like. For this reason, many homeowners and property managers have demanded that TBI Unlimited add a new scope of work – maintaining the new vacation spot! This will convert your man hours of labor this season into time spent doing what you enjoy!

Our Standard Program maintenance program includes weekly turf mowing to a height between 3″ and 4″. Lawn height will be determined by your specific variety of turf in order to maintain a lush, healthy plant. All edges will be trimmed along concrete walkways, driveways and curbing. To complete the overall look of a well groomed lawn, all trees, flowerbeds, shrubs and any other unsightly overgrowth that may not be reached with a mower, will be trimmed without damaging plant material. All of these tasks will be followed by a thorough blowing of debris from all pedestrian and vehicular circulating areas.

The Signature Program entitles you to the above traditional program but goes one step further. Through the use of core sampling, soil testing, and field scouting, we will determine which type and apply the correct fertilizer that your lawn requires. The number of applications will vary according to our testing. Season-specific tasks are also addressed like turf weed prevention, thatching, aeration and/or seeding of your lawn.

For our Optimal Program we extend beyond the borders of your lawns edge and provide your landscape garden with assistance. A Spring and Fall leaf removal is performed. Landscape bed mulching and seasonal flower planting keep vibrant colors at your residence or office. Pruning of woody & herbaceous plant material is performed to correct plant problems or control height requirements. This program will ensure that your lawn and landscape are the envy of your neighborhood without having to lift a finger!

By combining this array of services with area experts who understand the unique microclimates within the Delaware Valley, you have the makings of a truly indispensable service company. The landscape management professionals here at TBI Unlimited, have the experience and education needed to handle all of your landscape needs. When you select TBI Unlimited as your vacation spot manager, you will join the community of other homeowners and property managers who rely on us to design and maintain their unique exterior living spaces.