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  • Aquatic Features

    Do you enjoy the sound of running water?  If you could have a waterfall, a bubbling brook, or a pleasant pond
  • Stone Veneer Facing

    Have you become tired of the ordinary look of your home?  TBI Unlimited now offers an affordable way to add an impressive appearance to
  • Landscape Illumination

    Enjoy Your Landscape After Hours….. Look at adding value to your home & garden by increasing their time to shine.  Your

Backbone Services

backboneserviceBy “Blending Artistry with Craftsmanship”, we integrate the latest tools and techniques to make your current yard into an exterior retreat.  TBI Unlimited specializes in Naturalistic Landscape Development, Hardscaping, Landscape Illumination, Aquatic featuresSynthetic golf greens, Drainage and Stone Veneer Facing.  We pride ourselves in designing outdoor living spaces unlike any other.

Patio & Walkway Hardscaping Landscape Installation
Raised Patios Home & Garden Illumination
Retaining Wall Construction Integrated Pest Management
Stone-veneer Facing Garden Structures
Pond-less Waterfalls
Pond & Stream Development
Now Offering Synthetic Putting & Chipping Greens

Landscape Design Ideas

LandscapeDesignIdeasTBI specializes in Naturalistic Landscape Development. By “Blending Artistry with Craftsmanship,” we integrate the latest tools and techniques to turn your yard into an exterior extension of your home. TBI knows the importance of having a well designed landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the year.



Outdoor Living Areas

OUTDOOR-LIVING-AREASTBI Unlimited has the knowledge, skill and professional attitude that you desire. TBI has been successfully designing and installing Hardscapes in the South Jersey region for the past ten years.