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By “Blending Artistry with Craftsmanship”, we integrate the latest tools and techniques to make your current yard into an exterior retreat.  TBI Unlimited specializes in Naturalistic Landscape DevelopmentHardscapingIrrigation ,Landscape IlluminationAquatic featuresSynthetic golf greensDrainage andStone Veneer Facing.  We pride ourselves in designing outdoor living spaces unlike any other.
TBI Backbone Services
Patio & Walkway Hardscaping Landscape Installation
Raised Patios Home & Garden Illumination
Retaining Wall Construction Integrated Pest Management
Stone-veneer Facing Garden Structures
Pond-less Waterfalls Irrigation Management
Pond & Stream Development Water/Drainage Control
TBI Unlimited designs and installs creative paver patios, walkways, driveways, and walls.  We’ll help you design the perfect hardscape to blend with your outdoor lawn and gardens.
As well as being an Authorized EP Henry Contractor, TBI also installs  CST pavers, and a variety of other pavers that can be seen by clicking here.
TBI Unlimited designs and builds lush lawns and gardens by integrating ornamental and native trees, shrubs and flowers into the existing living landscape around your home.  Alternating ground covers, stone and mulch products can give your living space a soft natural feel for great curb appeal and comfortable enjoyment.  To view examples of our landscape plantings click here.
TBI Unlimited provides state of the art services for keeping your lawn lush and green.  We install sod, seed or renovate lawns damaged from drought, insects, or human interaction.    Newly installed or established lawns receive our weekly or bi-weekly cutting and trimming services.  Proper turf care will maintain your lawns health and appeal.  Our nurturing services, such as sprinklers and fertilizer applications, will keep your lawn healthy and the pride of the neighborhood.
TBI Unlimited integrates living water designs into outdoor living spaces giving them movement and life.  We install Koi ponds, fountains, and waterfalls to help your environment come alive.  The soothing sounds of water will create a relaxing escape from reality.  TBI uses primarily Aquascape products when building ponds, waterfalls and pond-less waterfalls.   Click here to view examples of our Aquatic features.
TBI Unlimited will design and install exterior lighting solutions to enhance your outdoor environment.  Proper illumination will allow the beauty of your home and landscape to carry on through the night.  We want you to enjoy, and get the most out of your landscaping investments both day and night.  TBI primarily uses CASTLandscape Lighting, though there are many more quality brands which we install.  CAST fixtures are extremely durable, sand cast, solid bronze, and carry a twenty five year warranty on the stakes body and casting.  Click here for pictures of our work.
TBI Unlimited offers preventative drainage solutions to you solve your varied drainage problems.  From something as simple as extending your downspouts to drain into the lawn, or developing a drainage system that incorporates your entire home, business or work site, TBI can do it!  Common water drainage prblems such as mold, standing water, foundation damage, wet basement floors or walkways and patios that don’t drain properly can easily be adressed by TBI’s team of qualified professionals.  For more information regarding preventative drainage solutions click here.
TBI Unlimited now offers stone veneer facing for both residential and commercial applications.  If you have become complacent with the look of your home or business’s exterior,  stone veneer facing might be the right option for you.  Let us help you create the home of your dreams.





TBI Unlimited implements the usage of quality products in conjuntion with effective planning in order to meet & surpass your drainage needs.  We use high quality products from ADS and NDS , as well as other manufacturers to design and build a drainage system to flow with your needs.

Below are some common problems, and solutions that we may be able to help you with.
Problem:  Low spots in your lawn with standing water can create muddy areas, as well as serve as a breeding ground for misquitos and other insects.
Solution:  A Flow-Well will capture water and gradually allow it to safely leach back into the soil underground.
Problem:  Excess water in landscape planting beds can drown plants and flowers, as well as promote growth of mold.
Solution:  Catch Basins topped with Atrium Grates will remove excess water without removing mulch from within bed.
Problem:  Without proper drainage, water from downspouts can erode soil, and planting beds, as well as promote cracks in foundation & basement walls.  Water that enters the home or business will promote mold growth.
Solution:   Directing water from a downspout through a catch basin prevents the clogging of your drainage system by debris from the roof.
Problem:  Excess water from driveways, walks, or yard may create a wet, slippery surface near doors.
Solution:  Channel Drains with grates remove sheets of water from areas near exterior doors, and garage doors.



 This section of the TBI web page is dedicated to you, our valued customers.  We will constantly be changing and updating information, in order to better educate you, our customer.  We would like to educate you on how to maintain your landscape, and or hardscape.  Hopefully the information posted under the links of this section will be informative as well as useful.  Please use the following links in order to view the listed topics in the How To Section of our site.
Lawn Care Tips:

Adjust lawn sprinkler heads

Landscape Tips:

Plant Diseases:

Turf Diseases:
Hardscape Tips:
Pond Tips:



TBI holds warranties for several of our services.  Please choose which service warranty from the list below to view.



Construction Specs.
Below are specifications used in the Hardscape industry.  On this page you will find industry specifications for various parts of your specific project.  In many instances, TBI Unlimited, LLC will exceed recommended specifications, as is indicated on contract agreement.  Please use this information as a resource guide as to how your installation will be carried out.


CAST Lighting Specs.
CAST Lighting Specifications and Detailed Drawings of the following:
Small China Hat                      CCH1CB
Large China Hat                      CCH2CB
MR-16 Bullett Light              CBL1CB
Well Light                               CWLWFLEAD (well w/ lead)
MR-16 Well Light                  CWLMR16
CAST Transformers:
600 Watt
900 Watt


TBI Unlimited Business Spotlight
22/1/2010 –




What does the future hold for TBI?
Answer :
Our company’s crystal ball indicates that a strong and bright horizon lies ahead while sustaining fruitful relationships with employees, clients, and vendors.



Accesories (20)
Possible additions to your landscape/ or hardscape, such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, firepits & mail boxes
Aquatic Features (11)
Waterfalls, Pond-less waterfalls, Ponds, Streams
Before and After (16)
Before & After photos
Columns (7)
Columns, Light posts, mailboxes
details (11)
Fine cuts and details
Driveways and Aprons (7)
Paver driveways, Driveway Aprons, Driveway borders, Driveway numbering
Garden Structures (9)
Pergolas, Arbors, Trellises , Lattice walls
Garden Walls (6)
Garden walls usually 3′ or shorter
Landscape Gardens (8)
Completely landscaped beds, flower beds, mulch beds, new plantings
Landscape Illumination (8)
Exterior Landscape lighting for home and garden
Paver patios (18)
Paver patios of all shapes and designs
Paver walkways (9)
Paths, Sidewalks, Walkways
Retaining walls (5)
Walls typically 3′ or taller, generally used to retain soil.
Steps (14)
Paver steps, entry/exit steps to/ from house. Steps from lawn to patio.
Stone Veneer Facing (4) Synthetic Golf Greens (3)
Synthetic chipping and putting greens. May also include sand